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Natural remedies

I started getting migraines with auras about a year and a half ago. My migraines keep getting worse. Has anyone tried any natural remedies and have they worked? I am thinking about trying acupuncture.

  1. It didn't work for me, but I have heard people have success with it! I also tried going off all prescriptions and doing only herbal treatments.. but I haven't found success in anything from literally every med to Botox.. it might work for you.. everyone reacts differently to different treatments! good luck!

    1. Ann12,

      I did do acupuncture for a while. You should understand that it doesn't work as a preventive with just one treatment. It may take several to get the full benefit. I'm still not sure I really saw much that was helpful that way, but I was chronic and in a very bad place at the time. I have definitely seen it do some miraculous stuff - on others and myself.

      1. Has anyone tried Salmon Oil Plus? I read a testimonial about it.

        1. I have done Krill oil and fish oil, but not that brand specifically. I do however eat salmon very frequently. Matter of fact, I'm making it right now for lunch! Beautiful wild caught fillets 😀 MMMmmmmmm

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