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Need insight and advice on migraines

I am new to the forum and need some knowledge on my issue. I started getting headaches 3 months ago. Feeling like pressure behind my eyes with headaches. I recently had sinus surgery for a deviated septum and clogged sinuses. That was a month ago.
I still get almost daily headaches around my temples, forehead, cheeks and between eyes. My left eye gets pain during these headaches.
The pressure and headaches will make me feel lightheaded/little dizzy.
My doctor is about to put me on migraine meds to try that.
Sorry if I rambled but I’m so confused on what’s going on.
Any insight would be appreciated!!

Thank you


  1. Hi Chris, thanks for reaching out. I am sorry that you are having headaches daily. As we can't give out medical advice, I would make sure to tell your doctors exactly what you're experiencing so they know how to help manage your headaches. Are you currently taking any medication for your migraines? There are several different medications out there. Have you found anything that helps your migraines now when you get them? For me personally, laying down and resting in the dark seems to help the pain not be so bad and sometimes napping (if you're able to) right when I feel a migraine coming on has helped my migraines go away before they get too bad. I hope you find some relief soon. Please let us know if you have any other questions or if we can show you any resources. Warmly, Tara (team member)

    1. Common causes of dizziness include a migraine, medications, and alcohol. Dizziness can arise as a result of an ear balance problem also. Dizziness is often a result of vertigo as well. Migraines are one of the leading causes of dizziness. Both dizziness and migraines have been effectively treated by a massage or physical therapy. I had survived severe headaches as a result of migraines through physiotherapy treatment from my nearest clinic: [ ]. Physiotherapy treatment techniques such as manipulation, massage, postural correction, and rehabilitation exercises can prevent migraine severity. Physiotherapists also teach some everyday habits and routines that should help to reduce headaches.

      1. , thanks for sharing your thoughts- there are SO many things that can cause dizziness, which is why it's always important to be evaluated by your doctor, of course! I am glad to hear that physiotherapy was so helpful to you! Did you find any of the everyday habits and routines they teach to reduce headaches to be helpful to you personally? ~Melanie (Team member)

    2. Hey there, Chris! Sorry you're going through all this -- deviated septum recovery can be rough! Have you been formally diagnosed with migraine by a doctor that focuses on them, like a neurologist or a board-certified headache specialist? There are so many causes of head pain, and migraine is just one of many options. We are absolutely here to support you while you get things figured out! -Melissa,

    3. Thank y’all for responding!!
      The Dr is putting me on Sumatriptan. She also has me getting a brain CT scan in May 10.

      I did go to the optometrist yesterday and ordered better glasses with bifocals. My eyes looked great to him with my optic nerves being strong. He believes maybe I have a case of eye stain, as I am on my phone, computer, driving for work etc. plus not having glasses for nearsight.

      I still have some eye pain and strain with headaches from behind my eyes. Plus can have some dizziness Or lightheaded.

      I do have chronic sinusitis. So maybe the issue is sinusitis and eye strain.

      I am nervous about the CT but tired of not knowing what’s going on.

      Any insight or if you have same issues let me know.

      Hope to hear back from y’all.

      Thank you 🙏

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