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Nerve block advice- Do they only stop the head pain or actually help with the pre and prodrome as well?

I am at my wits end. Diagnosed with Migraine with aura, HM, and Chronic migraine. I get maybe 5 days a month without any symptoms (Pre, H-pain, Post dromes) and I thinks that is being generous as I just feel exhausted all the time from dealing with...well this life I was handed.

I am currently getting botox every 10 weeks. I have had 3 rounds and I get some of the injections in the jaw. The first two rounds I noticed a slight difference, but this last round it was almost like it exacerbated everything. I have been miserable. Basically it feels like the botox angered every nerve in my head to react.

My question is Do the nerve blocks (SPG, Occitipal, or peripheral) only block the head pain or are they also a pre and postdrome preventative. I have only found research that talks about being pain free but there is not discussion of the pre and post drome- Sure the headache sucks, but so do the pre and post drome.

  1. to the best of my knowledge I think that nerve blocks are designed to stop the nerves from transmitting pain signals. My husband has experienced the exacerbated symptoms from both Botox and nerve block injections. It was like they activated all the pain-causing nerves and just made him miserable for days at a time! There is not too much that I have heard about effective treatment for prodrome and postdrome. It seems to revolve around your specific symptoms and trying to manage them. It can be a tough road and I'm sorry you are experiencing this. Warmly, Cheryl team

    1. Thank you. I have done Botox on and off for years, and it really just depends on the placement. this last time was horrible and I have been miserable for the last 12 weeks.

      1. , I am so sorry that you have struggled these last 12 weeks. When do you see your doctor again for another round? Hugs, Shayla (, Team Member)

      2. End of oct. I think this last round hit a nerve or every nerve in my head and everything was just that much more sensitive. I really haven't seen much of a difference with Botox and was hoping to see a possibility with nerve blocks. There doesn't seem to be much out there on the results though.

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