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I have plans to have neurostimulation here within the next month for my chronic cluster headaches. Would love any feedback from cluster headache sufferers who have tried neurostimulation, whether it helped them or not. I have tried everything else. Thanks in advance!

  1. Hi Emily Joy,

    This is a Migraine site, and as such, there are a few cluster headache patients here, but they may be a bit tough to find. It may take a while to get an answer to your question.

    What might be helpful for, is to know exactly which type of neurostimulation you're getting. There are several types, and a brand new one especially for cluster headache that is ready to be approved at any moment now. It is even wireless!


    1. Thank you, Ellen! I didn't realize there were different kinds of neurostimulation. What is the upcoming treatment called for cluster headaches? I believe the one I am supposed to have is wireless.

      1. Emily,
        Did you ever have this procedure? My doctor and I were discussing doing this for me as well. I have new daily persistent headaches and have had the migraine since February 2013. I have not had a single day of any type of relief. Lately, they have just become worse and it doesn't seem like any medication or Botox will work on me. So, this may be the last option. It is pretty invasive though and I would love some feedback! Thank you so much!

        1. I hope your migraines are so much better, btw!

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