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New And Worrisome Symptom

I posted this in the "Living" section but it disappeared for some reason. So, redux: I had migraines as a child and a teen. They disappeared in my 20s but returned following along with partial complex seizures after a stroke in my late 30s. I'm now taking Topamax for the seizures and as a migraine prophylactic but continue to get migraines one to two days per week. In the past 6 months, I've experienced what seems to be a return of my post stroke pain. It only occurs on days when I have a migraine, only affects my right side, and is fairly severe. I've discussed this with my GP and she does not think that it is some sort of FMS-related disorder. She agreed that it was neuro in origin and sent me to my neuro. My neuro DID do a new MRI to ensure that I hadn't had a new stroke, as the AV anomaly is still present that caused the original stroke. But when that proved negative, she did not want to address this any more and wished to refer me to a pain specialist. If she will work WITH the pain doc, I'm willing to do this this, but I don't want to take meds to cover this up. I've got to be able to THINK to work and my job involves a lot of physical activity. (Don't think that librarians just sit around reading. We move. A LOT!)

  1. Thank you for re-posting, keltheimpossible. I'm glad you saw your doctor about this new symptom you've been experiencing. I know it can be hard to take that step but you did the right thing. I found this article that may help you prepare for the visit with the pain specialist to make sure that you get the care and answers you want and deserve: I hope it is helpful to you. Please keep us posted, we're here to support you through this. -Martha ( Team)

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