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New Migraine Trigger...

Hey guys,

My first time posting here, just discovered the site today.

I began getting terrible migraines from the age of 16 and throughout my 20's, until a few years ago when I cut out caffeine and the migraines pretty much stopped. For the past month however, I've been getting these little migraines every day, the best way to describe their severity is to say that they are about 40% the effects of what my migraines used to be. But, getting them every day is not fun.

My diet is healthy (apart from drinking alcohol a couple of times a week, though that didn't seem to hurt before), I exercise and still don't consume caffeine, so it's baffling to me why this is happening. The only change has been that I've started taking allergy tablets to help with hay fever (the same tablets I've taken for the past few years) and the weather has been very hot. I eat a banana, apple and grapefruit for breakfast every day, could I have built up some kind of intolerance to one of these?

Any advice/suggestions/remedies would be greatly appreciated. Help meeeee! LOL.



  1. I get a similar thing. I am still trying to figure out what is causing mine. I suspect it is food related with me, as I have a family history of food allergies. My mom developed a peanut allergy in her late 30s. My dad suddenly became allergic to gluten, eggs, and grapefruit in his 40s. I discovered last year that I have a gluten allergy, and I do get a bad migraine, along with hives, joint pain, and other symptoms, if I unintentionally eat it.

    Alcohol is a bad trigger for me. I occasionally try to have a glass of wine, whiskey, or gluten-free beer, and I usually regret it. More often than not, I'll have a headache within 30 minutes of having a drink. If not, I'll wake up the next morning with one.

    You could try taking away the grapefruit for 2 weeks and see what happens. If that doesn't work, you could try 2 weeks without the banana. The apple is the least likely to be a trigger.

    1. Thanks Doug!

      I went to the doctor a couple of days ago and she suggested that as they feel more like headaches than migraines, I try taking aspirin for a few days and also get an eye test (it's been a few years!). So, I'll try these things and if they don't make a difference I'll try cutting out grapefruit and bananas, then gluten. I've stopped eating cheese again for now also.

      Thanks again for your advice, very helpful.

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