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New tension headaches

Hey! Question: I have now been getting Tension Headaches. Never had these thanks to consistent migraines. Sometimes they go away easily. Sometimes not. Thinking of doing an MRI but I’m hoping a change in headache pattern is nothing serious. It did not respond to Tylenol. Took my usual Nurtec for today but it’s been 28 hours. I had one other TH for first time 6 weeks ago but the Tylenol helped. Any advice? I kept waking up from dull hours pain.

  1. HI there- so sorry to hear about this shift into a different kind of headache. That dull constant pain can be very depleting to experience. We highly encourage anyone who is experiencing a change in their migraine/headache pattern to consult with/ be evaluated by their migraine doctor. And as for treatment, it could very well be that a treatment designed for migraine (nurtec) is not going to be effective for a tension headache. Interesting that it did respond to the tylenol previously, but not now. Again, worth getting this checked out by a doctor. Do you have a responsive doctor/practice you can reach out to? Thanks for reaching out to us. We are thinking of you and want to hear how this unfolds for you. Warmly- Holly team.

    1. Hi! I called my neuro about an MRI that I am due for anyway. I have Botox 11/14 as well. Nurtec killed it so hoping it stays away! It kicked it on Monday too. Hoping this is not a new reality and/or anything serious.

      1. Me too and look forward to your next update! Hoping today is a good one, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

      2. so glad to hear the nurtec kicked in and kicked the attack to the curb! Crossed fingers it stays quiet for you. Thinking of you and let us know how the MRI goes! Warmly- Holly team.

    2. Tysm!

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