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I am looking for some advice from people who may have experienced what I am suffering with. I realise that nobody can offer medical advice and I'm not expecting any, maybe some tips on natural remedies.

Two years ago I had an episode, where my vision started to get wavy lines on the right side of both eyes (similar to looking under water). About 15 minutes after I couldn't speak properly, I couldn't get the words, that I wanted to say out and this lasted for around 10 minutes. Within an hour it was all clear.
I went to A&E and was told that I had probably suffered a TIA. I was 36 and apart from high Cholesterol I was fit and healthy. I was told that it was due to high Cholesterol and when I spoke with the TIA specialist the next morning he said that I should take a Statin straight away.

That morning I had a scan of the arteries in my neck and a CT scan of my brain. I was told that I would receive the results within a few weeks, but I didn't hear anything back from the hospital, so assumed that everything was ok.

Two years on (8 weeks ago) and I had the exact same episode, however, this time the vision problems lasted about 4 hours and I had a headache with it. I went back to A&E and was told again that it was a TIA. I was also told that both the brain and neck scan from two years earlier were clear.

The headaches lasted for about 48 hrs after, but instead of a headache I now had a pressure feeling with only slight pain. I went to see a Neurologist six weeks later and he told me that it was nothing to do with Cholesterol, the symptoms I had were linked more with Migraines.
The symptoms I was experiencing were: Unsteadiness, slight dizziness, a feeling of being tipsy (like I had, had a few drinks), a feeling of being detached from myself at certain times and just a general weird feeling. He explained it as unreality.

The neurologist decided to do an MRI brain scan to check that there was no minor damage or blockages to the smaller vessels. I have now had that done and again the results were clear, however my symptoms still exist. They are not constant, but still happen and it is concerning me as my lifestyle has drastically changed.

I have never suffered with mental or headache issues in the past, but he said that Migraines can come on you at any time in your life and they will clear themselves as long as I do continue with my new, stricter lifestyle.

I don't know how depression feels, so cannot say if it was that, but I had a bad few hours the other day. For some reason I started to feel really sad and down. It also felt as if I wasn't living the life that I have (my wife was in another room, but it felt as if we weren't together and I was on my own). I don't know if it is my constant worrying

I've never felt anything like this in my life, so it feels crazy to be experiencing this.

I'm making sure I drink 4/5 litres of water each day to keep me hydrated and help with any headaches, I've cleaned up my diet, try to get 8/9 hrs of sleep each night and exercise a lot.

I would appreciate any advice/help on knowing if these symptoms are normal with Migraines and if there are any natural things I could take/do to help.

Many thanks.

  1. Hi Hay123,

    Firstly I would like to apologize for the delay in response. I see you posted this over 10 days ago - apologies. Also, thank you for your post. It sounds like you have been through some intense experiences the past several years, however it does seem like you have found some answers to your questions regarding your symptomatology. I do hope learning of your diagnosis provides you with some solace. You listed a number of symptoms that you have been experiencing, wondering if they apply to Chronic Migraine. The following article provides a list of symptoms associated with Chronic Migraine - Various treatments options are listed here - There is a tab on the left hand side that provides information on natural remedies. Also, these article discuss various self care tips for managing symptoms in the midst of an attack (the community member comments are helpful as well) -,, You also mentioned experiencing depressive symptoms (which can be associated with Chronic Migraine). The following articles discuss the relationship between mental health and migraine, and provide some self care techniques as well -,,,,, I hope you find them helpful. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We love hearing from you. Wishing you all the best today.


    Meaghan ( Team)

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