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New to migraines

I am a 15 year old girl and am new to migraines. They have been messing like hell with my life. My grades have gone down and my social life isn't great. I have horrible headaches, blurred vision, aura, dizziness, nausea etc. People try to help me but they just don't understand, and they make it worse. I have tried allopathic, homeopathy, acupressure etc, but can't seem to find relief. Can someone help me please.

  1. First off, welcome to the community! We are glad you are here. I'm sorry you are struggling with migraine. I've had migraine attacks since my teens, and three of my daughters also suffer from them. We are not able to offer medical advice here, but we can provide you with excellent resources and our experience to help you find ways to manage your attacks and symptoms. Have you seen a doctor yet to get an initial assessment of what you are experiencing? I see you have tried a few of the natural methods. Ice and or heat can provide some people relief from the pain of an attack and ginger in various forms can be helpful for nausea. Many sufferers seek out a quiet,cool, dark space to ride out an attack. Here is a good link to help you get started with different treatment options.
    If you need help locating a specialist in your area here is a good link for you and your parents to use.
    I hope this helps you get started. Remember you are not alone in this and you deserve to be seen, heard, and understood. We are here to support and guide you along your journey. One final piece for you, here is a great article that talks about migraine to really help you understand this beast.
    Let us know how you are progressing moving forward. Warmly, Cheryl team

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  2. Hi. Sorry to hear migraines have had a negative effect on your social life and performance at school. I'm sure a lot of people here can relate to how you are feeling at the moment so you will have our sympathy at least. I am 50+ and have suffered from migraines since I was 13 and I remember thinking I was going blind when I experienced my first migraine + aura. Back then my doctor just told me to take regular pain killers which as we all here know don't do anything so I basically used to just ride the horrible pounding headaches out.

    After a few years of having a migraine roughly once a month I got prescribed proper medication - Sumatriptan which I have been taking ever since whenever I get a migraine. It does not stop the migraines but it makes the headaches a 100 times less painful. I still have to get in a dark quiet place and rest/sleep but I am usually up and out within 12h although not 100% so generally need to take it easy for a couple of days and not participate in anything too strenuous such as weight training/soccer etc. I also tried preventative medication for about a year which stopped the migraines altogether. I would take the medication (Topiramate) every day however I stopped due to bad side effects and returned taking Sumatriptan.

    So my advice is, go and seek help from your doctor and get on migraine medication suitable for you. I have now suffered from migraines for nearly 40 years and I want to tell you that in time you should get used to living with the condition. In my case, I don't get as many migraine attacks as I did when I was younger so hopefully this is the case with you as well. All the best!

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  3. So very sorry you are suffering. Here are some links on our site to some ideas that may help while waiting to get in with a migraine and/or headache specialist.

    Hope they help ~ Best of health ~ Rebecca (CCM & Advc)

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  4. I am also new and I am really sorry that you have migraine at 15 years old. I am sure that you are strong and you live a great life!

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    2. thank you so much, you take care too!

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