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Odd symptoms

Okay so.. I was told by my doctor I have migraines..they aren’t sure yet if it’s being caused by my neck or just regular migraines. When they start it’s at the base of my skull and it radiates up and into my eye. Always the left side. Sometimes when I get them it feels like a brain freeze type pain..and then for days after my skull on that side hurts and feels like an odd pressure. Does anyone else get that?? I feel crazy.

  1. welcome to the community! We are glad you've found us. I'm glad to hear that your doctor recognized what you are experiencing is migraine disease. This is a big step in the treatment journey. Has your doctor sent you to get any imaging done like an MRI to help them determine whether your neck is playing a role in your attacks? The pain presentation you are describing is pretty common so you are not alone. My husband has chronic migraine and has his attacks on the left side of the head very similar to yours. The pain and pressure feeling is also something he experiences. Often after an attack, your head might feel residual pain like being bruised as my husband describes it. You may also be experiencing allodynia which can cause additional pain during an attack. Here's a link to an article on what he experiences with allodynia.
    The bottom line is you are not crazy! I hope you find an effective treatment plan to help you manage your attacks with the help of your doctor. It's also a good idea to track your migraine attacks and the symptoms as it will help create a more clear picture for your doctor. There are apps you can use like Migraine Buddy or just keep a written journal for documentation. Please keep us posted and have an awesome day! Warmly, Cheryl team

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