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I have been diagnosed with cluster/migraine headaches. My headaches are weird as I don’t get them every day. Sometimes I can go 3 months or so and not have one and then all of a sudden I get one and it lasts anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. I have seen 2 neurologists and both have suggested different meds. I am currently taking Naratriptan. This medication works but only for about a 24 hour period. The odd thing is that medication I have been told only targets migranes but I can also take 2 Advil gel caps and 1 excedrin tension pill and they also take it away so I do that as well every other day as my insurance only allows 6 Nara’s in a 20 day period. Sorry for the lengthy discussion but I have been contemplating other measures, injections, medical marijuana, etc and wanted to know if anyone here has had similar migranes, any advice on the other measures or any experience they can share.

  1. Also, I would like to add my headaches are not the light sensitive vomiting type, just painful in the temple and eye area.

    1. Thanks for sharing some of your story. I'm sure you'll hear from others who can relate to you, but I found an article that you may find helpful. April - Team

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