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ouch today

Hi im new here and from uk.

I have a migraine this morning. Its started yesterday with pin prick dots in vision then moved to slight pain behind eyes to sore head on left side above left eye forehead bacl of head and top of neck. I havent on this occasion but i offen get visial migraines too. That starts with a wiggly line in my vision and then gets bigger and bigger and then i cant see for about 20 mins out that eye. Also im wondering if anyone one here takes anti depressents (for depression) and have been prescribed tablets for their migraines but the blurb of information paper says you should not take with anti depressents. Advice please??

  1. Hi Lisascat,

    Thank you for your question. I'm sorry you are in pain today.

    Yes, many of us are prescribed antidepressants for migraine prevention. I take them for both depression and migraine. You can read about this here;

    Are these visual symptoms different and/or new? If so, it's always a good idea to let your doctor know so he can rule out anything more serious.

    We have information about migraine with aura here, I hope it helps;

    Take good care,

    1. Usually the reason antidepressants caution about migraine medication is because of something called serotonin syndrome, which can occur when too much builds up in your system. However, this is incredibly rare and you probably shouldn't worry about it unless you are taking copious amounts of antidepressant SSRIs. I'm so sorry about your aura, I used to get something similar where my vision would take on a somewhat LSD-y pattern and then the pain would get bad in my eyes. I hope you feel better!

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