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Ovulation Migraines every month

Hello. I have suffered from either menstrual migraines and in the past few years, it has switched from that to ovulation. The pain comes on the same day every month. Sad part is, I don't have insurance. My state has not expanded Medicaid, I cant go to a doctor, have no money and anyone who can help me go. I get suicidal sometimes when I have the pain because it is quite painful. it lasts for twenty four hours usually and by then I can take Excedrin to fix it. anytime before then and it wont work at all not even in the beginning when it first starts. it might delay it for a few hours but that's it. I get nauseas and its just the most horrid thing. If anyone can help tell me..Thanks for listening.

  1. Hi jen74,

    Migraines that occur around our cycle can be very draining. There are a few things that can be done that may be helpful during this time. Frova is a triptan that stops the migraine process and is best taken at the first sign of a migraine attack and for some people, works well. Frova can also be taken as a short term preventive a few days before and after our cycle. Let me share that information with you;

    I'm sorry to hear about your insurance situation. This does make things more difficult and I've been down this road before. I was able to make a few difficult choices and save for a limited number of doctors visits and medication. There are programs that help people without insurance you can read about here; and

    We also have information on menstrual migraine here;

    I hope this helps,


    1. Thanks for this information. browsing through it I see it says that you have to pay out of pocket. that's the problem for me. im pretty much like a homeless person. I live with my parents but have no money. I haven't worked in ten years I tried to get work and couldn't, so now im trying to start my own decorating business with no money also. so going to the doctor is out, and having money to pay a doctor is out...

  2. Something you can try without insurance is 3-4 days before the migraine would normally start you start taking Aleve daily as on the bottle. Then continue for a few days after. My doc had me try that before.

    1. does it work?? have you tried it?

  3. Some people find a lot of relief using the method Rebeccapa mentions. It's always a good idea to talk to your doctor about this before beginning it, but it's usually a safe approach. You might also check out THE WOMAN'S GUIDE TO MANAGING MIGRAINE, a book written by a contributor that has a lot of approaches to dealing with menstrual migraine and menstrual-related migraine. Good luck, ladies!

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