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Migraine pain relief?

Hi, I’m usually fine in dealing with most of my migraine pains as I can get away with taking 50/100mg of Sumatriptan and start to feel better. I usually get headaches or migraines when I’m tired and as I suffer with my sleeping as it is it can be frustrating for me. Currently on my 4th day of this constant headache and it’s gotten worse today, despite taking my Sumatriptan. I have spoken to my Dr. today also, only thing he suggested was that if I still have this headache/migraine by Monday to phone him again. Any suggestions?

  1. Hi there , I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing such a bad attack and that it has continued to get worse. In many cases a migraine attack that lasts longer than 72 hours should be evaluated by a doctor. When you spoke to your doctor did he discuss possibly a rescue medication?

    Let me share some information with you as you wait for possible feedback from the community.

    I truly hope you begin to experience some relief soon!
    Please do keep us posted if you can. Wishing you a gentle night.
    -Joanna ( Team)

    1. Hi Joanna, thankyou for the link provided! I’d definitely say the migraine is gone but I still seem to have a constant headache! As I’m used to mild headaches it’s bearable for me, it’s just getting to be frustrating and annoying now as I just want it gone. Going to ring my GP Monday morning as I have the day off to see what he suggests. Thankyou

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