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Pain with NO script or Insurance Plan..???

Well yeah that is always an issue for most who for no fault of their own are left out to suffer due to policies put in place to ensure the rich getting richer while the poor majority gets left to suffer.. Well I know this issue is has been highly discussed several times in different forums with no solutions. So many persons suffer in pain but wont get meds to match the pain they suffer for NO reason. Drs extort so much in the name of consultation fees, prescriptions and their signatures and stamps of a piece of paper just because they know patients suffering will stop at nothing to get out of their misery. But guess what...??? NOT ANYMORE!!!

Am here to put an end to this malpractice and disregard for human suffering. I do not mind loosing my license but I will HELP just about anyone with special needs as a result of genuine pain as I can NOT stand the suffering of this poor folks... But if you in it just for the "feeling" then try someplace else..drtony6(atgmaled0t)c0m

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