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Part time disability

Hi Everyone!
I was wondering if anyone has any experience with applying for disability in the US. I work for myself and would like to keep working as much as I can. But as my migraines have gotten worse I'm realizing that I just can't do as much as I want right now.

Can you point me in the right direction for applying and also how to apply if I'm still making some income. Any of your experiences would be helpful!

Thanks so much,

  1. @estherloop, I am sorry to here your Migraine attacks have worsen. The first thing I recomend is requesting all your medical records asap, this will cut down on any delays. You can head to your local ssa office or you can save time and apply online. Here is an article I think will help.

    1. I am on disability it took 7 years to get so if you think this might be the road you need to go down I recommend starting the process as soon as possible. Get your doctor on board with the idea as well and make sure they support the idea. After that to be honest just start out with a disability lawyer in the long run you will thank yourself. With full time disability you can still work but are limited to the amount of work you can do in a month. Not sure if there is even a part time disability program. Once the disability process has started they will either deny your claim or expect without a trial. If your denied this is where a lawyer comes in handy as they will automatically reapply. If it goes to court they will ask several questions the main one is can you not do anything else for work. There will be a vocational specialist either there at the trial or on a conference call during it. I got my disability approved because of the number of days I suffer from them and the vocational specialist agreed it would be hard to maintain a job in any field because of it.
      Good luck

      1. Applying for disability can be a challenge. It is a process that will require you to focus on the details of your conditions, how they affect your daily life, and how complete your medical records are. Having a doctor or team of doctors that will help provide the medical records for you is essential. When I applied for disability, I had medical records that documented my conditions and how they affected my daily life and career. Those records were established over a long period. You may or may not be in this position, but being prepared with documents that help tell the story of how your conditions affect your life is essential. If you get denied, I would suggest getting a disability lawyer to help navigate your process to being approved. Here is a good article with some additional resources to help you along that path.
        We are here to support you whenever you need it! Wishing you migraine-free days, Tom team

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