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Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

Anyone know of any articles describing peripheral nerve stimulation in layman's terms? In my case the doctor has recommended it for the the trigeminal nerve. My pain is around my left eye and in my left cheek.

  1. Laura - Have you been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia?

    1. Ellen,

      I've been diagnosed with "Atypical facial Pain." But I also have non-pain symptoms that are not typical of Atypical Facial Pain. The doc has recommended peripheral nerve stimulation for the pain and has prescribed Pristiq for the other symptoms.

      1. Laura, I would love to share this link with you that might be helpful re: your diagnosis. I'm not sure about the peripheral nerve stim for this myself, however the site may contain more information that you're looking for:

        OHSU Facial Pain Diagnosis Tool

        1. Thank you. I've taken that test before. It says I have TN2 which is another name doe Atypical Facial Pain. I've found some explanations of Occipital Nerve Stimulation. From what I can gather, that is a type of Peripheral Nerve Stimulation. So I guess that for the trigeminal nerve it would be similar, but focusing on the trigeminal nerve not the occipital nerve.

          If anyone knows of any study results available for outcomes with the trigeminal nerve - please share the weblinks or reference info.

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