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Pituitary cyst & migraine

Does anyone have a pituitary cyst that is very close or brushing up against the optic nerve? This cyst which may be a Rathke’s cleft cyst but generally these are something you are born with. Anyway since the migraine attacks kept getting worse the more I thought could this be contributing? I met with a neurosurgeon and ENT (assist with surgery). The ENT was kind of a jerk but he said it may not help and you may be in more pain and to look at the headache specialist for treatments. Well almost three years later, I’ve pretty much exhausted all treatments available. I am going to see another doctor and driving 4 hours to get there just for another set of eyes. In my opinion I’m in pain everyday anyway so if something could possibly help I do want to do it!! Anyway else have a suspected Rathke’s Cleft Cyst and being sort of written off that it can’t be something like that contributing to migraine attacks. Any advice you may give or going through the same thing please please let me know!!

  1. Thanks so much for writing in about this. We don't have any existing resources on this topic as of yet but hopefully someone may chime in to relate. I did want to ask if you had been successful in connecting with a migraine specialist for guidance? We do have a resource to help with that: These are doctors who are especially trained in the complex neurological condition that is migraine. It can be so frustrating to have a pressing issue that you believe is contributing to your migraine and not have that concern be adequately explored or validated by your doctor. Thinking of you and here to provide support and information. Warmly- Holly ( team)

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