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Please help with some success stories!

I am on Botox cycle 4. I had AMAZING progress cycle 2!!!! 25 days migraine free and 4 migraines nov and jan, 3 in Dec! Cycle 3 was a bit worse. I had my first 3 day migraine ever and Advil didn’t touch it. Finally killed it with Ubrelvy. This was in Jan. Feb and Mar 5 migraines. Hadn’t woken from a migraine while sleeping since mid Sept. and then this month of April came. Woke from sleep this morning with a severe migraine. Woke once in Mar and 4/11 but from one little pain so didn’t think much of it. I had 6 migraines this month 🙁 but 2 were right after the vaccine. Now that I had more this month and one while sleeping like I used Botox still helping? I don’t know. Neuro just upped my units from 175 to 185. I’m so discouraged and confused. Please help.

  1. , I totally hear you, it is scary when you make such great progress, but then it gets dialed back a bit. Of course, this is something you will need to discuss with your doctor to get their professional medical opinion since we aren't doctors here- but I know personally that I had an uptick in my migraine frequency and intensity after getting both my first and second vaccine shot, and I have heard others say the same, so perhaps that could be a factor? Either way, keep us posted on your progress, I hope the Botox continues to bring you some relief. ~Melanie (team member)

    1. How long did it last for you?

  2. I have heard that also. Do you know how long people said it lasted?

    1. , I will say that I am super, super sensitive to medications. After my first shot it was about 3 days that I felt migraine pain, and my 2nd shot it's hard to say because I had made some other medication changes, but I had about 5 days worth of migraine pain around that time. To complicate things, my migraine preventative injection this past month (Emgality) was ruined due to being stored improperly after delivery (I was out of town and my husband didn't bring it inside) so that could have been a factor too (since I missed this round). It hasn't really been my month, but I am fairly confident next month will be better. I hope you feel better soon! ~Melanie (team member)

  3. Wow, sorry to hear that! Is this norma for Botox to lose efficacy certain cycles? I loved it cycles 1 and 2 and not sure what is happening. I also have no idea why I’m getting the mid sleep.

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