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Post BC migraines

Hi all. Question: I went off oral contraceptives as of 10/30. I got a 40 hour stubborn on/off migraine from the hormone shift. Then for the first time since age 10 or 11, I did not have a migraine for TWENTY SEVEN DAYS. Although, this past weekend, I experienced a silent migraine with dizziness/nausea/vertigo. I just got my first painful migraine an hour ago. Has anyone experienced them fading/coming back after BC? Am I now going to be in for my usual amount every month ? Is the vacay over? Or should I maybe expect less? -Also, back to the silent migraine. I get these 1-2x year. There is no pain but low low grade nausea and dizziness and moderate pressure in head 4pm until bed every night. Once I sleep, I’m great in AM. Then it starts all over. Can last 2-6 days in a row. Any advice?! This time I actually got a moderate wave of nausea first (I’d be running around doing xmas lights) and then the rest came. Nausea relaxed as I laid down w some crackers. And no, not preg lol.

  1. Hi there! So nice to hear about the 27 day migraine free period, that's amazing. My experience with BC is VERY dated, seeing as I'm post menopausal. I don't have anything current to share with you. I wanted to let you know I hear you and am sure others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.

    Looking forward to your updates! Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

    1. Tysm!

      1. HI there- thanks so much for reaching out. I've been thinking of you as I know you are trying to become pregnant and that can be extra tricky when migraines are involved. I take a continuous BC to keep my system from experiencing the highs and lows of hormones as those are some of my most intense attack triggers. It's been some time since I was pregnant, but I don't recall any intense or varying periods of pain/attacks arising while I was off birth control before becoming pregnant- but as you know, everyone is so different!
        As to the silent migraine attacks, these are so tricky to catch and treat as we often miss the warning signs. Your description of managing nausea is one that I know resonates with many. We have to lie down and wait for it to pass (or to release) or for our medications to kick in, or knock us out. It's very tricky to have nausea on a frequent basis. It can be paralyzing. I assume there's not much you can take while trying to become pregnant, though I know there are many natural remedies for nausea. Have you tried any of those? If you haven't already seen this piece, take a look at it, and the wonderful community comments that follow for some terrific ideas about managing nausea: Please keep us updated. You are in our hearts. Warmly- Holly team.

        1. Hi! I am not pregnant yet, so I am able to take my typical meds. That is so nice that you’ve been thinking of me! These silent migraines are new and really confusing. Nurtec didn’t even work. Only sleep helps and I reset and then it starts again late afternoon. This can happen 3-6 days in a row.

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