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Practical Logistical Solutions

Perhaps the most immediate challenges during my basilar migraine attack is minimizing the sources of pain or discomfort. Of course making an educated guess about how powerful I need my medication to be is important but I am not talking about things like that. I am talking about things like,... since I spend a lot of my time on the couch .... what knind of couch is best for long term use? Or, how do I organize my 'arm's reach'? My nose runs all of the time, my eyes water, and I puke, how can I have tissues, medication like alka seltzer, within 'arm's reach' while keeping my living room not like a hospital ward? What nose sprays or creative solutions have other folks find that works?

I am having difficulty finding oxygen suppliers. I do not have a low saturation it is migraine preventive and all my local providers are not willing to take a private client. This topic is intended to find out what other folks have found that works.

How do you make your home or work space agreeable to your illness? I guess this is the how too section on minimizing the things that amplify your attack or cause added discomfort for any reason. How do we make things easier so we still save strength for when the pain hits. Please post a new introduction if you can relay better what I was trying to say.

  1. Nausea, promethazine, lemon juice (about 1/2 lemon per gallon), alka seltzer, discrete barf bucket. rocking back and fourth (front to back), I also have recently began fixing clocks. When I listen to a mechanical pocket watch the timing of the watch becomes the entire experience. They call it Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

    Pain: I take hydromophone for the bad ones and hydrocodone for the less bad ones. I pass out so arranging my space in only a couple minutes is imperative. I have to plan where I will fall if i pass out, then if I start seeing start i try to get to safe position and hope I can make it so I don't throw up in my own throat and drown.

    I had a camera system installed in my house. Eight cameras three outside the rest inside. When I feel something coming on I send a pre-made text telling them to check the cameras frequently. This allows my providers to leave me at home alone.

    My desk chair i saved up for because i needed a a strong supportive chair. Oh crud, having some cognitive things happen now.

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