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Migraines when pregnant

What do you all take for migraine when pregnant? I know there’s not many options. I’m a teacher and work on the side as a tutor. No idea what to do when pregnant and unable to work. I need to work and without meds I end up on the ground in pain, crying. Tylenol doesn’t really help me. Any advice helps. Ty!

  1. Hi @MK22, when I was pregnant (16 and 20 years ago), the only option offered by my doctor. I did a little searching, and found an article in Neurology Advisor that shares some currently allowable medications during pregnancy and lactation: It's important to note that they do have an effect on development, but it's something that you and your doctor can discuss for the best outcome. Let us know how it goes. -Warmly, Donna (team member)

    1. Ty! I need a treatment plan for sure for pregnancy.

      1. Hi there- thanks so much for this important question. I did want to offer some resources we have on the topic. One of our contributors had a baby a couple of years back and made a video on the subject:

        We have some other great articles on the topic that are worth perusing here:

        And then these two are specifically about choices around medications during pregnancy:

        I don't want to overwhelm you (perhaps I already have?) by giving too many resources, but we have even more than that if you are interested, let us know!
        We are here for you and wishing you the best! Warmly- Holly team.

    2. This is a great question - one that definitely should be addressed.

      I've had migraines for a very long time, through the pregnancy of my 2 children, and I've stuck to acetaminophen during that time and slept A LOT, but this was 25 years ago. There are so many more medications on the market making it much more complicated as a discussion. Here is an article with some suggestions, first- and second-line treatments, a few studies mentioned, and treatment for migraines during breastfeeding (if you elect). Hope it helps.,during%20the%20second%20trimester%20only.

      Take a moment to read it so as to discuss options with your treating physician. Best of wellness always and congrats on your pregnancy! ~ Rebecca (comm advc)

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