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Preventatives: Pizotifen ("Sandomigran") and/or Orphenadrine ("Norflex")?

Have any patients had prophylactic success with Pizotifen (a vascular headache preventative in the antihistamine class) and or Orphenadrine (a skeletal muscle relaxant one of who's incidations are for tension headache)?

I have been wondering and getting the strong sense that I might suffer from a combination of migraine/vascular headache as well as tension/cranial muscle related headache, either one in isolation or combined, formerly regularly but not consistent (sometimes one a week or a few a fortnight but not frequent or daily) - however I've hardly had any since starting a new drug Propranolol ("Inderal"😉 as a preventative and it's worked wonders, but I have still had the odd one, say 3 or 4 (varying severity - mostly mild to moderate only) in the month or so I've been on it. I've also been trying to watch my sleep cycles and morning caffeine, as well as my work levels.

Would it be wise to enquire with my doctor? After all, I want the best quality of life and therefore best treatment possible, even if narrowing down root causes and best drugs/therapies takes a while.

If anyone wants to check my profile I've posted here once before a month ago giving a more detailed background on my condition.

Thank you 😀

  1. Sorry for those typos! Oops.

    1. - Good to hear from you and so glad to hear you are discovering some therapeutic interventions that are making a difference for you. There are indeed many mentions of Pizotifen on our site. Of course everyone is different and no one treatment works the same on everyone- but what's important is that it's helping you:
      It's wonderful that you are looking at all aspects of our life to try to discern your triggers. Keep going with that important process.
      We always encourage that folks go to their doctors with questions about migraine medications and managing migraine overall.
      Wishing you the best in your continued efforts to learn more about your migraine condition. We are with you as you continue on this journey. Warmly- Holly team

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