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Prevention medications and fatigue

Is there a way I can find out which prevention medications are more likely to cause fatigue and which ones aren't, or does it depend on the person? I had a neurologist at Stanford who put me on Topiramate and when I mentioned to her, at 100mg, that it was making me really sleepy, she bumped me back down to 50mg and there I stayed until I moved out of state. After we moved, I had a new neurologist and my migraines were awful! I was having them daily and was in terrible pain, so she cranked up the dose to 200mg, gradually, 25mg a week. I've mentioned to her multiple times that I am SO tired, and her response is always "Can' you sleep more?". I'm already sleeping anywhere from nine to twelve hours+ a night and it's not always sleepy tired. It's more of a "oh my gosh, I'm so tired, I can't move" tired. The other day, I went to take a drink of milk and my cup just felt so heavy. Everything is exhausting. It's not that I need to sleep all the time. It's that every task is draining. I brought my dose down to 150mg when I started having brain zaps, collapsed on the stairs, and my speech went all haywire. My neurologist wanted me to up it again, but I refused. Anyway, I don't know why she's so adamant that I stay on topiramate, but I was wondering, if I did my research and came to her with another suggestion, if she might be more likely to agree to let me get off the topiramate. I just don't know where to find the info I need. Any suggestions?

  1. Hi BendBecca,

    I wish I could tell you which medications would be fatigue free, but you're right, we all react to medications differently. What causes fatigue for you may not for won't for me and vice versa.

    It sounds like the fatigue is really interfering with life. I'm not sure why she insists you stay on it either. Have you by any chance questioned her on this? If not you may want to do so in your next appointment in a calm, concise manor. I know sometimes I get a bit 'excited' when talking about things with my doctors I'm not fond of! Be upfront with her and saying the fatigue is really impacting your life and you would like to discuss other options. Be assured there are many other options available to treat migraine - over 100! Let me share information on these medications in this link; You may want to share this information from the American Academy of Neurology with your doctor ;

    If you find your doctor is still not listening to you, it may be time to find one who will. I know it can be difficult to look for another doctor, but sometimes its necessary. Let me share with you an article regarding when its time to find a new doctor;

    You may also want to read about what makes 'true' migraine/headache specialists different and how to find one; and

    Good luck and let us know how you make out,

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