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Pseudotumor cerebri

I got this diagnosis after a recent MRI. I have had migraines for 24 years and chronic migraines for about 6 years now. What does this diagnosis mean to me?

  1. Hi Lynettet,

    Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear about an additional diagnosis - I understand it can be tricky living with multiple conditions. Let me see what I can do to help.

    Pseudotumor cerebri is now called IH, or intracranial hypertension, which I have as well. I was diagnosed by a lumbar puncture, which is the way this condition is usually diagnosed. Let me share our information with you on this;

    I'm able to manage my IH with medication and regular eye exams, others have shunts placed. When first diagnosed I read as much as I could about this condition, which helped me understand symptoms and various treatments. The Intracranial Hypertension Foundation is solely dedicated to IH and you can find that here;

    Please let me know how you are doing,

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