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Questions had first migraine age 52

I've had 4 migraine this week. Can't get rid of the dull aches in my head, stinging eyes and my face hurting. Today doctor gave me a migraine medication. I took it and woke up with my head tingling, And feeling num and my face twitching.
Is this normal?

  1. hello
    I too had first noticable migraine as 53
    2 yrs ago now
    was the most frightening time
    however ive come to realize this is pretty common
    I try to keep calm and relaxed but get comfort from the migraine website

    1. Hi kacie
      It is hard to think of migraines as normal when all I think about is how to get rid of the pain. I suffer from similar head pain. Sometimes I think there are many discreet types of headaches. The headaches that hurt the face I usually consider as nerve pain that start along the top sides of the head in the trigeminal nerve. I have not found it responds to triptans.
      To complicate matters, I will have more than one headache at a time and must treat them all to reduce my pain to manageable levels. The numbness and twitching may be part of the nerve response, not sure. I find I get face twitching as a side effect of Tylenol 3.
      My doctor sends me for an MRI occasionally to make sure that the various head pains are migraine related and not something else. Getting your first headache so late in life sounds unusual and maybe worth more exploring.
      As so much time has passed, I assume your headache has too. Can you share more on how you have been since you last posted? What ended up working for you head pain?

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