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Has anyone registered a pet as an ESA?

I'm working on registering my Dog as an Emotional Support Animal due to depression/anxiety related to chronic migraine. My property manager is threatening eviction because he is a pitbull. Has anyone else completed this process and did you have any issues with landlords?

  1. Hi there SamanthaAnn, Thanks so much for your question. Have you spoken to your doctor about getting a letter to possibly certify you dog for emotional support? Good luck and I truly hope the process goes smooth for you. Take good care, Joanna ( Team)

    1. Hi Samatha, I live in Canada and had asked my family Dr about this. She said “no”” you are not crazy. Anyway you would have to see a pyscologist.” Di I found on n the internet in m small town.
      As soon as I walked in I started bawling.. I explained briefly my 20 year abusive marriage and the only reason I do not kill myself is my dog. All true. I asked her please write a note for my dog to be my ESA. Thank god as I need him to keep me here. Every year I have to go and get a new letter. She now suggested perhaps I talk to a pysciatrist. I have, but he did not make me feel comfortable about asking for a note. Please go to a pyscologist. Explain your need for dog to calm you and affection to help you on bad days. You can then go on internet and get a tag that says this is an ESA animal with dogs picture. In the USA they are very obedient to the law of ESA animals, Canada is not so kind. Good luck!

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