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Relief from nasal sprays?

I have year-round, almost daily allergy and sinus issues, which quite often lead to migraine attacks. PCP's and ENT's have not been able to help me; they just give me medicine and send me on my way, like most doctors these days tend to do. I have tried taking both OTC and prescription allergy and sinus medicines when I feel a migraine coming on, and even tried taking a daily allergy med to try to help prevent them or lessen the frequency - all to no avail. I read that if you have year-round allergies, it's recommended to use a steroidal nasal spray (such as Nasacort) daily for best results, as they are more effective and "reach further," so to speak. I am willing to try it, hoping that if I can combat the allergies/sinus pain, maybe I will get fewer attacks or less severe ones. I was just curious as to whether anyone has tried using the steroidal nasal sprays as a possible migraine preventative/treatment, and if so, was it a success in any way?

  1. Hi LizShelton!

    Thank you for your question. As you wait for possible feedback from the community, I just wanted to share with you a little bit of information on Nasal Spray for Migraine that I though you might be interested in: I hope you find relief soon! Take care.

    1. I did not find the steroid sprays to be helpful. I think that the Neti pot has helped, however. Have you heard about and/or used a Neti pot?

      1. Neti Pot hasn't helped me. I've tried all kinds of saline washes and sprays too but I read that a steroidal spray is the most effective against year-round allergies and since my allergy/sinus attacks contribute to some of my migraines, I figured it was worth a shot. Still too soon to know if it's really working but I have had longer "down times" between migraine attacks, so maybe it is helping. I wish we all had ONE surefire fix that worked for everyone instead of having to scramble around and try a million different things with little to no success! 🙁 I'm glad the Neti Pot helps you and hope it continues to be effective.

    2. I’m a chronic migraine sufferer and I use a Neti pot daily which has helped with the nasal congestion and helps me from getting more painful sinus migraines. I recently switched my allergy meds from Claritin-D to Clarispray the nasal spray and that has helped a great deal with my allergies but not so much with migraines. Hope this helps.

      1. My husband has accidently found that his migraines were tied to his allergies, which we originally thought were seasonal allergies but were actually triggered by certains foods and food additives. He had to take asthma medication on a daily basis and and was a migraine sufferer for decades, until we switched to a dairy-free diet, but most importantly eradicated all sulfites and other preservatives from our food — you see, sulfites are not just in wine and most people don’t even know that. He still occasionally has some asthma (if inhaling dust for instance) but no longer suffers from any migraines or seasonal allergies!
        I am not a doctor, nor am I saying that this will work for everyone, but looking into your diet is worth a try: no meds required.

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