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Relieve from Severe Migraine Pain

My daughter is a sixteen year old and under treatment of eminent neurologist for the last three months. The doctor has been prescribed following drugs( Sibilium 10 mg, Tryptomer , Amixide H, Dicorate Er 250) and even Omnacortil 10 mg (steroid) was used but no relief has been seen and asked me to continue the medicine for the at least four months and warned me not to use Paracetamol but sometimes I am forced to use it . She is going to appear her first school leaving exam from 26th instant and can not concentrate her mind on study . The severity of pain continues almost whole day excepting sleeping time. I am from Kolkata , India. Please help me by giving advice so that the severity of the pain could be withheld for at least two months. CT Scan was done but no abnormality was found. Whether I can use Ibuprofen as OTC drugs ? Need immediate help . Losing the confidence on the doctor! Regards.

  1. Don't discount supplements. Feverfew and butterbur have both helped me and I take them daily. I believe she is old enough for botox injections. Also, perhaps DHE injections (dihydroergotamine).I get my supplement from Amazon, it's called my brain.

    1. Thank you . I will try it after few days. My priority is to restrain her severe pain anyway at this moment so that she can sit for her first school leaving board exam peacefully.

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