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Retinal Migraine and permanent visual spots

Good morning,
I am a 28 year old male who has suffered with both migraine with aura and retinal migraines since my early teens. After a few years thanks to my mothers observations, my main trigger was identified as nitrates in preserved meats. Cutting these out drastically reduced the number of migraine w/ aura I had. However, the retinal migraines seemed to continue randomly. To this day I am unable to identify the. Cause of them other than rapid changes in lighting conditions.
Three years ago while on my honeymoon, after a night with a bit too much wine I woke up with what I thought was another retinal migraine. A small blob in my central vision of my right eye. Initially I thought nothing of it and just rested. However, it never went away. I was subjected to every conceivable test by a retinal specialist and a neurologist. Everything was normal. The conclusion was migraine related.
Fast forward three years to a month ago. On holiday again after another big night out another blob appears off to the side in my right eye. Again back to the neuro and the opthalmologist. Again everything normal and the conclusion is persitent migraine aura or damage from retinal migraine.
Both spots are still in my vision. My question is has thanyone else experienced something similar. To tell the truth I feel quite alone in this whole matter.

Thanks for reading.
God bless

  1. Just a follow on. The closest thing I could find while googling my symptoms was something colloquially called the 'bright spot when blinking syndrome' which seems to have a link with migraine.

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