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Has anyone else had a rhizotomy?

I had nerves in my neck burnt through at C2 - C3 and C3 - C4. I still have swelling and some pain but have not had a migraine since. Has anyone else had this and how long before the pain goes away?

  1. Hi GGRM,

    Thank you for your question and I hope you are feeling better soon. I've not had this procedure before, but hopefully others will be along shortly to share their story with you.


    1. Thanks Nancy. I've had the wires-in-the-brain + stimulator thing and every other treatment and widget available. This is kindof new but you know how it is - especially when your kid has inherited your migraines. You'll do anything. So all comments welcome.

  2. Hi GGRM,

    I hear you! Seeing our children (even when they are adults) in pain is frustrating. We just want to make them feel better.

    Have you by any chance see a true migraine/headache disorder expert? These doctors may be different from neurologists (and may not even be neurologists) in that they are board certified in headache medicine which is different than being certified in neurology. I'm currently seeing the 5th true expert and finally thing I'm seeing results. Let me share these articles with you on how these doctors are different and how to find one; and


    1. Thanks Nancy
      I fear that I have seen many migraine specialists.

      My son has been an inpatient in the Tampa General Hospital migraine program, where there are world-class migraine specialists, who run headache-medicine specific programs.

      Apparently we are very bad examples of the disease. This frikking rhizotomy thing doesn't seem to be helping either, except the headache has changed shape. I can't recommend it to my son 🙁

      Thanks for your encouragement, and I wish you all the best on your quest for a cure.

  3. I had that C4-C5 nerves burned recently, my pain was gone within 2 days (after I remembered to ice the area -- sleeping on an ice pack was heaven). While I still have been getting migraines at the 6 - 7.5 level, there has been no neck pain (which is one of my known triggers) so I think the frequency is probably lower.

    1. Thanks for this. I am very iffy about the procedure (but agree about sleeping on ice!) It doesn't seem to live up to the cure-all promises my doctor made. I suppose I'll still be willing to try the next idea! Migraine makes us all crazy. Good luck! GGRM

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