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I am going to start college soon, and I really need some help. This summer, I may have to start working two jobs, which will probably be very hard, if not impossible, for me to do with my chronic migraine. I'm not sure if I qualify for disability, so I haven't felt right sighing up for disability scholarships. Does anyone know if there are any scholarships for students with chronic migraine? I've been looking for a long time and I can't find anything. Please help!

  1. Hi shaylieh,

    I'm not aware of any specific college scholarships. When I look for scholarships for my son however, I use these search engines; and

    Good luck and let us know if you find one!

    1. Shaylie,

      Axon Optics has a scholarship for students affected in one way or another by migraine. This past year's submission deadline has just passed, but you can apply for next year.

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