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Had Anyone Tried Ubrelvy to Relieve a Migraine

Has anyone tried Ubrelvy to relieve a migraine?

  1. Hello 4jene4, thank you for reaching out! I know there are a couple people in the community who have been prescribed and filled a prescription for Ubrelvy, but given how new it is, we do not have a lot of personal stories to share as yet! This article was written in late December around the time Ubrelvy gained FDA approval and I thought it might be of interest to you. I do hope if there are others in the community who have tried it, they will stop by to share with you! As more people begin using it I am sure we will have more stories to share, so please stay tuned! Wishing you a gentle afternoon. ~Allyson ( team)

    1. My neurologist gave me samples of Ubrelvy when I last saw her for my Botox injections. I had such high hopes for this stuff. Unfortunately...NOPE. It did nothing to stop the headache from hitting me, followed by nausea both times I tried it. She told me to take it at the very first warning I had an attack coming on, which I did. My insurance won't pay for it, anyway, and I understand it's quite expensive.

      1. Thanks for sharing your experience . I'm sorry it was helpful. April - Team

      2. I meant to say I'm sorry it was NOT helpful. April - Team

    2. I am a chronic migraine sufferer- 25 years. I get clusters and my migraines themselves are hemiplegic. If I listed everything I’ve tried we’d be here for days…. I even did two of the 3 CGRP shots and failed. My doctor recently convinced me to try Ubrelvy (which is an abortive) I was on the fence, because I had failed the two preventative shots and gained like 25lbs. but decided to give it a try. After fighting with my insurance company, they finally paid for it (otherwise It would have been $1029.00) and I got my 10 pills (which we all know is a joke), but I will say it is helping a little and a little is better than nothing! It’s the first thing in years that has given me some relief. It’s one of those deals where you can take 1 pill and then after like 2 hours you can take another… which is why 10 is a joke, so I really try to save them for death bed migraines. For people with Clusters, it could be life changing. The other day I felt a cluster coming so I took a Ubrelvy and the cluster didn’t develop! Don’t get me wrong, I still had a migraine and I will say it gave me about 40% relief but only lasted a few hours. But as far as the Clusters, it prevented it from becoming full blown (my fellow cluster busters will understand how significant that is). I actually would recommend this. Now, I also understand that what helps for one may not be the answer for someone else… but I’m glad I took the chance.
      Lots of Hugs!

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