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severe finger tingling?

I started taking 25mg of Topamax on 4/14/18 - 1 tablet a day. I noticed yeserday (4/20/1😎 that my fingertips keep tingling pins and needles a lot and it is doing it a lot today as well, and some in my toes too. I googled it and it said it can be a side effect of topamax. Is this true for this low of a dosage? It's starting to really bother and worry me.

thanks guys!!

  1. Hi lanadelslay,

    Yes! Tingling and numbness in our hands and feet is a common side effect of taking Topamax. Typically this goes away the longer you take Topamax. It can be a nuisance, but as I said will most likely go away.

    Please keep me posted.


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