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Severe Migraine After MRI W/ Contrast

I had a sedated MRI with contrast a week ago. I woke up with one of the most severe migraines I have ever had and 8 days later I am still in severe pain. Has anyone ever had a reaction like this to MRI contrast? I’ve been sedated before and been fine, so I don’t think that is what’s causing it. Thanks in advance. Dana

  1. Hi Dana, thank you for reaching out! I hear how rotten you've felt following your recent MRI with contrast. While you wait for others to stop by and share their experiences with you, I thought these articles might be of interest.
    There are certainly those in the community who have mentioned bad reactions to contrast dye, though the stories I've seen have been from those with allergic reactions needing emergency treatments. I would encourage you to follow up with your doctor about the reaction you are experiencing.
    Additionally, I found the following article in the Journal of Head and Face Pain (so it's a bit dense!) where the findings do suggest that those with migraine who have received an MRI with contrast did have an increased risk of provoking or exacerbating migraine symptoms.
    I hope some of this is helpful for you and that your symptoms will begin to ease soon. Please keep us posted on how you are managing Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

    1. Thanks Allyson. It’s been quite severe. None of my abortive are working. I’m just plain old miserable

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