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Severe sharp muscle pain

Last couple of days have been a nightmare - cold front came through so I got a migraine but it didn't behave normally. I only had moderate head pain, didn't respond at all to imitrex nasal spray and severe sharp, stabbed muscle/joint pain. Worst in my neck and shoulders but wrist and knee on the left side are stabbing at well. Got extra IMS and trigger point injections that normally help greatly but did nothing. Got a second set today and toradol shot and still almost no pain relief. They are so tight and feels like a knife is stabbing me when I move the slightest. I normally have muscle pain but it feels different - bit deeper, and throbbing (can't think of a better word ...) instead of stabbing. Anyone else experience this with chronic migraines?

  1. Never mind ..... woke up with a cold. Lol. Crazy brain thinking it was something sinister going on. Totally messed up my med count though from having to take baclofen and couple toradol. Definitely going to be over 10 days this month - hopefully baclofen doesn't give that bad of a rebound headache.

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