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Sharp pain in temples

I've been having these weird headaches as long as I can remember. When I was a kid If I would go on the swing too high I would get a very sharp pain in my temple. If I go on a rollercoaster the pain in my temple is so great that I just scream from the pressure. It still happens to this day & the pain is excruciating. I can only imagine the pain I would feel if I ever went skydiving or bungee jumping. Those instances I just spoke of are the only time in my life when I feel that sensation. I have never met someone in my life that has the same exact problem & I am 39 years of age. I cant find anything on the internet that can give me answers. Also there is no real urgency to get test done from the doctor because it never bothers we in my everyday life. Is there anyone on this forum that possibly give me some answers??

  1. Hi lilal74717,

    Do you get this sharp pain any other time? Is it only during roller coaster rides and swinging high? If so I guess the easy answer is no more rides!!

    I wish I had an answer for you, but only a qualified doctor can tell you what’s going on.

    If you’ve had “headaches” for years, you may want to see an expert who treats head pain. Here is information on these doctors;

    Let me know what you think,

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