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Shooting, burning pains in head

Is this normal? I know migraines can cause sensory aura, but is it normal to have what I can only describe as shooting, burning pains in head, almost like an electric shock? I would appreciate any information about this, as I do not know if it is a symptom of migraines or a result of something else.

  1. It is entirely possible that you are experiencing another type of headache. Only a true headache specialist can accurately diagnose these symptoms though. Please get it checked out.

    1. I have constant burning in my head where my migraine normally is. My doctor didn't seem to take much note of it. Not like they really do anyway but yes I have it too.

      1. Ko2Chances,

        Although the quality of the pain of my migraines can take on several different forms from migraine to migraine (sharp, stabbing, throbbing, burning, crushing and any combination of these) I would strongly encourage you to seek out a neurologist who specializes in migraine/headache. Such a healthcare provider will know what sort of diagnostic tests are necessary to rule out organic or other factors.

        Personally, over the last fifteen years, I have had several MRIs as well as CAT scans and other diagnostic testing.

        I hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any other questions. There are a great group of very knowledgeable folks here at I do not know what I would do without them!!!

        Take Care,

        1. Hi KO,

          In addition to the wonderful comments by the people here, I would consider if you have recently had a medication change. Sometimes headaches can be a side effect of a edication or even medication withdrawal. Good luck and feel better.


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