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Sick and tired.

OK so whining about it won't make it better I know, but I am so SICK AND TIRED of migraine.
For the last three weeks I have had migraine every day but one. And let me tell you, that was one wonderful day! I am such a different person when I don't have migraines.

I get silent migraines and these weeks it has been almost a constant state. I am completely useless at work (somehow my typing gets mixed up so my left hand does what I had intended to have my right hand to do), drained emotionally and out of hope. (Well not really but feel like a drama queen right now.)

I have never had a migraine for this long and I just pray for the cycle to end...

  1. I can so relate to you Malin. I have suffered migraines for years but never EVER have I had one for this long. I'm on day 18. On Day 11 I went to my GP and they gave me a shot of Toradol which worked for 10 hours. On day 13 I went to the emergency room and that stayed it off for three days. Now it's back and I'm at my wit's end.

    I have an appointment with a neurologist but can't get in for two more weeks. I don't understand why this one won't go away.

    Hang in there and I will try to do the same.

    1. Malin and KBAZ,

      When we find ourselves in a refractory situation with our Migraine attacks, it is often time to consider a specialist. Migraine and headache specialists have had extensive training outside anything that other doctors have had. This makes them much more likely to be able to help you out of a situation that might be confusing or frustrating for another doctor without the knowledge of a specialist. Here is a link that talks about why a specialist is different:

      I would also like to really encourage you at this point to make an extra special effort to be sure that your overall health is consistently in a really good place. It is often the comorbidities that often affect Migraine that can turn us from an episodic Migraineur into a chronic situation that can be life changing. In my personal case, I ended up with nearly constant visual aura as a result of my thyroid going wonky due to a medication change. I am still recuperating as this takes months sometimes to rectify itself. At least I knew what was the trigger and what to do to get myself through it. I might have been really scared otherwise.

      Another thing to consider is the possibility of MOH. c An enormous percentage of patients end up with Medication Overuse Headache as they try to treat the pain of their Migraine attacks. Finding a Migraine and headache specialist can be really important for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of all these problems. Here is a great link to help you find the specialist closest to you:

      I hope this was helpful 😀


      1. Thank you Ellen. I am very concerned that I am over-medicating. I am also very concerned and don't understand why I can be pain free for hours and then it comes back as bad or worse. I am keeping a diary and trying to pinpoint triggers.

        I found a neurologist here in the Phoenix area but can't get in until the 27th. I'm on their cancellation list to try and get in sooner.

        I just feel scared and all alone so I'm grateful to have found this forum to be among others who understand. Thank you.

        1. KBAZ - Is this a Migraine and headache specialist??? You have some of the best in the world at your disposal there. I do hope you've gotten hold of a good one 😀


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