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Sinus Migraines???

I recently had ct scan of my sinus and to my surprise it came back normal. I was told that my excruciating pain and pressure in my face were actually migraines. I always thought that the change in weather caused my sinus cavity to block. Then when relief finally came I imagined the mucous draining from the sinus cavities. Well ent explained that there was no mucous and the pain and pressure I am feeling when I have a "sinus headache" was actually dilated blood vessels in my face caused by a migraine. I also get a horrible kink in back of neck that comes with the pain. I've suffered from these "sinus" attacks since early 20's. Now turning 60 they have gotten worse. They last all day and If i'm lucky will have relief sometime the next morning. Advil does nothing. Will be seeing a neuro next month. The thing is I never hear anyone describe their migraine symptoms as incapacitating facial pressure and pain . I don't even know if it's a throbbing sensation because the pressure and pain is so severe. Anyone else please.

  1. I grew up having sinus problems, and possible allergies, but nothing officially diagnosed. Years ago, in my early 20’s I used to think I had sinus headaches. I would be down for several days at a time, blocking out all sound and light, nauseous, sometimes vomiting. I didn’t know they were migraines. For me, my sinuses are always involved with a migraine, In fact when I get a cold, it always triggers bad migraines for me. Typically I get the throbbing on one side of my head, the neck pain. Since being diagnosed with migraines, I’ve found Imitrex works reasonably well for me. I will still have 3 or 4 days in a row (a couple of times a month) where I take Imitrex and then I’ll multiple headaches throughout the month that will respond to Excedrin migraine. I also take Verapamil as a preventative. I don’t know that I specifically have as much facial pain as you do,but I certainly know that before being diagnosed, migraines can be thought to be “sinus headaches”. I have actually never seen a neurologist, but am hoping to do so next year. My insurance will be great next year, so I’d like to see him and check out any other available options. I’m 57 so it’s about time!

    1. Hi thinakay,

      Thank you for sharing your journey with us. As I mentioned earlier, many people who have sinus issues really have migraine disease - almost 80%!!

      I'm so happy to hear your insurance coverage will be improving next year - that makes a great holiday "gift".

      Keep us posted,

  2. Hi pattymay22,

    YES! It's amazing the number of people who think they have a "sinus" issue, but in reality it's migraine disease. When we have a migraine attack, the symptoms can range from teeth and facial pain, to visual aura, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sensitivity to light, sound and odors, pressure and many others! First let me share our information on "sinus" and allergies here; and

    This article details the various symptoms of a migraine attack, which can be different from person to person and attack to attack; and

    Good luck with the neurologist and let me know if you need more information for your appointment!

    1. I have exactly the same symptoms!!! I have the intense facial pain and pressure along with the kink in the neck. Xrays and CT scans show clear sinuses. Ibuprofen does nothing (it’s my go-to pain reliever otherwise). I’ve tested negative for allergies multiple times (except for dust mites). Mine are triggered for sure by weather and alcohol, but also other foods/factors yet to be determined. The only difference with you at this point is that I’m 41 and have had these migraines for exactly 2 years (my first sinus migraine was Thanksgiving day).

      1. Hi jstreeter,

        Many of us have facial and teeth pain along with sinus pressure when we get a migraine attack without aura. Confusing I know, as we’re led to believe we have a sinus issue, not a migraine attack.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


    2. I have been suffering from the facial pain with the migraines. My dr put me on Lyrica and it has helped with the facial pain not the migraines. Eliminating the facial pain has helped make my pain a little less intense.

      1. Good to hear cissy2018!

        Keep me posted!

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