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Sitting Positions, Pillows, Chairs, etc. During an Extended Migraine?

I have suffered chronic migraines most of my life and they often last for several days (up to a week or more). During this period it's often worse for me to try and lay down then to sit in a chair in the darkness.

I typically just hold my head in my hands with my elbows on my pillow that's in my lap (with headphones on) but was wondering what sitting positions other people might use, or a special type of pillow or chair there are for us?

  1. Hi @ jaym35,

    Great question! I don't use anything special like this during my migraine attacks, but that doesn't mean others don't! Hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.

    Wishing you a low pain day,
    Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

  2. Hi @barbarafiedler,

    Thank you for sharing that with us. It's good to know we're not alone in our migraine disease experiences!

    Wishing you a low pain day,
    Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

    1. I feel your pain and predicament. I too find it worse to lay down, at least until my meds start to kick in, as any pressure on back of the head/occipital area just exacerbate things. I will try sitting in a soft comfortable chair with my usual arsenal of ice packs/heat packs including cranial cap and eye covering, as well as ear plugs. Here’s wishing us all the relief we deserve.

      1. Hello sunshine,

        First of all, I would like to mention that my headaches are always stronger in the morning after lying down. During strong attacks, I often fall asleep sitting up.

        About the side effects of the medication. Unfortunately you didn't write what you can get. I'm from Germany and there's a running gag between me and my wife. Honey, how are the new pills? Great, no main and no side effects! 😀 I haven't had any success so far, but side effects sometimes even outside of the package leaflet.

      2. I have optical nerve injections of steroid combined with pain relief med all in one injection. I have several injections both sides of the back of my head and in some Facet joints in the neck and shoulders. I am in the U.K. The treatment is done in a medical theatre the pain consultant guided by an X-ray machine. Home a few hours later.

    2. There are no medicines that help me (have been trying for over 20 years) and they last up to a week at a time.

      I just want some ideas on how to cope with it, not some passive aggressive comment on how medicines help you , that was entirely UNHELPFUL.

      1. Hi LauraLeopard, I hear your frustration. I had a headache that lasted 20 years and was not treated b/c I was told it didn't exist! Finally, continuous headaches were "discovered" and now I'm medicated. One thing that I read on this site that has helped is Butterbur 75 mg twice a day. It's well researched as helping some people in the preventive department. I tried it with my med with my neurologist's agreement and it's offered further stability. It also gave him a new tool to be aware of. Michel

      2. I hear you jay, I also don’t respond to any meds. And I also have multiple chronic pain conditions. I totally understand when you can’t plan what you will be able to do the next day. Hugs, Linda

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