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Are there any solutions to extreme light sensitivity?

I was diagnosed with migraines in June 2017. I have been extremely sensitive to all kinds of indoor lights, TV/computer screens/smartphones, and so on. I live in complete darkness in my house after the sunset. Are there any particular medicines that can reduce light sensitivity? Has anyone experienced this extreme light sensitivity and how long would it take to get back to a normal life after taking medicine? Are there any specially designed lenses/sunglasses that I could wear inside buildings? The regular sunglasses do not help much right now. I would appreciate any tips or advice.

  1. Hi sarahkim,
    I am so sorry to hear that you struggle with such extreme light sensitivity. As you wait for possible feedback from the community, I thought I'd share a video that one of our contributor's made where she discusses tools for dealing with light sensitivity. -

    Hope some of her tips help you out!
    Joanna ( Team)

    1. Hi sarahkim- I just wanted to share my own experience- Like Lisa (in the video), I also have been using indoor (and outdoor) TheraSpecs glasses since late March. I usually experience light sensitivity, but the TheraSpecs glasses have completely eliminated it. It was immediate when I started using the glasses. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't experienced it myself- I highly suggest the glasses for those who struggle with photophobia. ~Melanie ( team member)

      1. Hi SarahKim,

        I see Joanna already shared my video and I just wanted to reiterate how helpful the TheraSpecs glasses are for me. I could not live without them. I hope you find some relief.


        1. Hi SharaKim

          I have and continue to use a variety of options for my sensitivity to lights. I have a pair of TheraSpecs as well like others mentioned. I like to use them while driving in the dark because the head lights and such can cause me issues.
          I have also used "Cutting" glasses which are glasses used in work for like people that weld. These are great as long as you are NOT driving a vehicle because they eliminate the red lights (amber alert signs are blank, red on stop light and red on brake lights are also blank).
          There are also a brand of fishing sunglasses called Wiley X that have removable foam inserts for around the lens that keep dust and light from coming in the sides of the frames.
          All the windows in my house are blocked out so that sunlight doesn't get into the house unless I want it too.

          I hope some of this helps you!
          Amanda Workman (moderator & contributor)

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