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Are there specific holiday triggers that affect your migraine?

The holiday season can bring about difficult migraine trigger induced environments from holiday gatherings, bright lights, change in sleep schedules, foods, fragrances...the list can seem never ending! Are there specific triggers during this time of the year that affect your migraine? Do you have some tips for managing them?

  1. I have to be careful of flashing lights and certain smells.........My husband knows which to avoid, so we are good at home. When we go to friends' homes, I carry rescue meds with me at all times, and do my best to avoid the heavily scented stores, or the candle aisles, especially during the holidays, as pine and cinnamon really trigger migraines for me!

    1. Foods are definitely a big one. If going to an unknown place for dinner, I bring a dish that I can eat so there are no issues with dairy or gluten. I have my rescue meds with me always. I avoid smokers and scented candles. Perfumed areas of stores I zoom through. Bright lighting is an irritant, but most folks have dimmer lighting at Christmas. I have to make sure I get entough sleep, or at least nap as lack of sleep will bring on a migraine. I have no control over the weather, but do have control over avoiding other triggers.

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