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Yesterday before going to work I started to experience the room spinning and extreme nausea. It came on immediately with no warning. I was so dizzy that I couldn’t hardly stand up. I managed to drive to work by breathing deeply. And then when I arrived as I got out the car my legs gave way and I ended up on the pavement. I managed to get the office but the spinning and nausea continued. It wasn’t as bad if I didn’t move my head or look down. Colleagues said my speech was stilted and weird.

I don’t know how I got through the day but I remember at one point about four hours in the spinning suddenly stopped. but the neck pain shoulder tension dry mouth spaced out feeling continued and has continued into the second day.

Am I experiencing a migraine?
I don’t have a headache. But I do feel disassociated from myself and have been under a lot of stress at work

Thanks for
Your advice

  1. Hello Ajm3212 - the only way to really know if this is a migraine is to see a neurologist. We are not physicians nor do we diagnose them. I can say that your symptoms are exactly like mine when I get a migraine. Vertigo begins, nausea takes over. Nothing helps except lying in bed in a dark room as still as possible. A half-day to a day later the pain hits, with extreme light and noise sensitivity. I can't eat. Breathing is about all I can do and wait for it to pass. Although when feeling slightly better I do use the Epley or Foster maneuver to help with vertigo symptoms, which slowly stops the spinning room (3-5 days) Mine are vestibular migraines, and here is an article that explains them. - Wishing you find relief sooner than later. Rebecca ( community advocate)

    1. as Rebecca has said, you really need to see a doctor for this but it also sounds like the symptoms for meniers disease.

      1. Thanks for chiming in about this. Do you have experience with Ménière’s? We don't have a ton of information on that condition, but here's a link to the articles that we have that make mention of it for those who may be interested in learning more:
        Warmly- Holly ( team).

    2. My mum has it, so I’m not an expert, just going on what she has described to me. I’m not sure if all the symptoms are the same or how they can vary from person to person but it just struck me when I read it how similar it sounded.

      1. I'm sorry to hear that your mum suffers from migraines. I know how hard that can be and how much of an impact it can have on your life. Migraine disease is a very individualistic disease and it impacts everyone differently. Sure many of us experience the same type of symptoms, but they can vary greatly. How long has your mother been battling migraines? I hope it has not had too big of an impact on her life. Warmly, Cheryl team

    3. Sorry for the confusion my mum has Ménière’s and has had it for probably 20 years. I have migraines and have had them since my teens, though I am only now starting to get the (long overdue) help that I need! I’m now in my fifties.

      1. thanks Nancy. Thankfully, recently my old GP retired and I got a new one who actually seems interested in treating several of the conditions that I’ve had and been told for years there’s nothing they could do about them! I’m very grateful to this new GP but then sometimes in my low moments it makes me realise how much I’ve had to suffer unnecessary! She has also said she will refer me to a neurologist if the treatment doesn’t work.

      2. I'm so happy to hear this! Getting the proper treatment makes a huge difference. There's hope!!!
        I hear you about needlessly suffering........and feel your frustration. We're here for you!
        Nancy Harris Bonk Patient Advocate/Moderator

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