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Has anyone found that splitting CBD oil dosage to help?

Effects and relief from CBD OIL? FUSION 420.I've Been on it 2 wks.

I'm taking it under tongue and feel relief until evening. Upped dosage to 8 drops but same result. Today I'm going to split dosage to 4 drops in am then tonight the same. Has anyone found this helps? Also feel that rubbing it on temple has helped. Would it be better to just do that? Thanks Daily intractable migraines, Occular also, cervical injury too! Janet

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  1. Hi there- great question and one I hope our community members will chime in on. In the meantime, I wanted to give you some links to a couple of forums focused on the topic of CBD oil for migraine which house some good discussions on people's experiences with the therapy:

    And this article has some good discussion in the comment section:

    You might pose your question in these places as well

    Thinking of you as you continue your journey to find relief.

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