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Sprix Nasal Spray

I was recently prescribed Sprix and I'm wondering if anyone else is using and has any suggestions for keeping it with you for emergencies (ie when a migraine pops up at work 75 miles from home) when it's supposed to be refrigerated??? I never go anywhere without my small pharmacy in my handbag but I'm not sure I can carry a cooler 😀. Anyone else??

  1. I'm not sure what size the Sprix container is, but try searching the web for insulin carrying cases or insulin coolers. A variety of sizes of cooled cases are available, including one small enough to pass for a wallet.


    1. I have some experience using Sprix as a rescue medication when Triptans and milder NSAIDS fail. Sprix can be used without refrigeration once the bottle has been opened. You do need to finish the bottle within 24 hours though. I keep them in my refrigerator and only use them as a last resort. Sprix is ketorolac (Toradol) so it really isn't meant for daily use. In fact, my neurologist instructed me to not use it for more than 5 days in a row before taking a break.

      If you think you might get an attack at work, you might consider getting a lock-able container that can be stored in the break room refrigerator. The other option would be to just pack one in your lunch box wrapped in a reusable ice pack.

      Remember -- Ketorolac isn't usually a first-line migraine treatment. It can't abort a migraine, like some of the newer abortives. You might want to talk to your doctor about a more practical and effective migraine abortive. For a list of options, visit


      1. Thanks Tammy! I agree! I used to have great success with Midrin but since it was discontinued have been without anything that works for me in the abortive drug arena. I have a heart condition that makes some of them risky to downright miserable (palpitations galore!) for me. Thus, I keep the rescue on hand. A lockbox in the work fridge may be ok. Makes me nervous having meds out of my control but I may have to try it. Thanks again for the feedback.

        This forum is great!!

        1. Midrin is available! It is made by Macoven and is sold as a generic. Prodrin is also an isometheptene mucate, like Midrin, but contains also contains caffeine.

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