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Does Anyone Else Get Stabbing Pain After an Attack Has Ended?

I get this pain during attacks sometimes as well but I noticed it quite frequently during the day or days after an attack had ended. It comes sporadically and lasts about 10 seconds at a time in all different parts of my head. It actually makes me tense and cringe every time it happens as if I’m actually being stabbed in the head. I’ve heard of ice pick headaches but have only been diagnosed with chronic migraine even after mentioning this to my neurologist so I assume that is not what it is.

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  1. Hi Dilettee- I am sorry to hear you experience stabbing pain. Yes, you are correct that ice pick headaches can cause this type of pain, but there are other types that can as well. I wanted to share this with you: I hope you are able to get this diagnosed correctly, and perhaps treated as a result. Thanks for reaching out! ~Melanie ( team member)

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