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Migraine start while standing and bending head down? After climbing stairs?

Do any of you have your migraine start while you are standing and bending your head down? Does it start after climbing stair

  1. I have had this experience. I was originally misdiagnosed with bppv because of it. My migraines have changed from headaches, etc to vertigo like symptoms. They strike sometimes up tp 20 times a day. TYpically while walking, etc. THey do happen while stationary but it does not seem as often. TYpically it is worse when in long spaces such as long walk ways, hallways, supermartkets. It was explained to me that it may be due to focus issues such as in a supermarket aisle where things go by your peripheral vision agravating the migraine making it worse just a bright lights and noise do. Sorry,no solutions or remedies except tht I do not walk close to the walls and try to focus on a distance ahead.

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