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Stem Cell transplantation

My physician just began performing this procedure for treatment of migraine along with many other conditions #amygetsithandled #nomorepain

  1. Amy- love your screen name, so empowering!
    I actually had no idea that stem cell therapy was being used to treat Migraine. I found this paper published last year about the potential benefits of stem cell for neuropathic pain.

    How long have you been doing it? What are the results so far? How often is it performed? Do you have any side effects?
    -Katie Moderator

    1. My doctor is preparing to begin this type of treatment at his clinic. I'd never heard of it until he mentioned it to me a couple months ago. From what I understand, there's not a lot of research on it. I'd love to hear anyone else's experience before I jump in with both feet.

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