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Strange migraine symptoms

I've had migraines for almost 40 years and have learned that one thing is always the same with them - they change. Symptoms, triggers, remedies, you name it. The newest for me is that my scalp itches. But I've also learned that what I think is a new piece of my migraine puzzle might just be something entirely unrelated. So my question is: Does anyone else get a SERIOUSLY itchy scalp as part of the migraine complex? It's actually worse than the itchies I used to get when, as a public health nurse, I had to deal with head lice in a patient.

  1. Hi SueC,

    Thank you for your post and your question. I am sorry to hear you experience an itchy scalp, as it sounds like it must be frustrating to experience that on top of other migraine symptoms. While I feel community members will be able to provide you with more personal accounts, I though you would find the following article helpful - It does cover scalp pain, however there are many community member comments which you could helpful and may discuss scalp itchiness. Also, it sounds like this a new symptom, and we always suggest checking in with your doctor regarding any new symptoms you experience. Perhaps they could also provide you some treatment to diminish the itchiness, as I am sure it is not enjoyable. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out. We love hearing from you and are happy you are a part of our community. Wishing you all the best today.


    Meaghan ( Team)

    1. I don't know about itching but keep in mind that migraine is a brain disease. Your brain is everything you experience, so, to me (neuroscience PhD), no symptom or sensation would surprise me. I tend to urinate very frequently during an episode! I don' know if anybody else on the forum experiences this, but our brains are hyperactive one moment, the depressed another due to spreading depression. All sorts of stuff going on.

      1. I sometimes have to urinate every hour before my next migraine begins. I read it does happen to some before a migraine. It doesn't happen each time before I have a migraine. It happens less than half the time. When it does happen, it's hard to sleep.

    2. Yes, I get an itchy scalp / head. It isn't really bad though. Just itches. It must be something to do with the migraine though as the itch will be in the exact place where the pain is (my pain seems to be in 2 exact places. Seems 75% of the time it's in 1 specific place on my left side and 25% of the time in another exact place on the right hand side.) Always in those 2 places.

      I think I mentioned the itching on one of my threads before. The strange thing today that's happened though is the scratching of the itch actually slightly reduced the headache. Hmmm!

      1. Hi @SueC,
        I'm sorry to see that you are dealing with an itchy scalp. I have to admit that my scalp has been itchy at times, but I never made the connection between the itchiness and a migraine attack. I'm glad you shared this because now I can pay more attention to it. I have seen so many community members mention so many symptoms that go along with migraine that nothing really surprises me anymore. Also, our migraine attacks can change through the years and we can go through different patterns.
        ~ Peggy ( team)

    3. Sometimes when I have a migraine, it itches all the way around my lips. Not the lips themselves but the skin around them. It sometimes happens right before a migraine. Usually it happens right after I eat so I'm not sure if it means that food is a migraine trigger or a food allergy or what. It happens after a lot of different foods, so it must actually be some preservative or artificial ingredient that these foods all contain. I want to shop for organic only, but I'm in a small town and even if I went to all 7 grocery stores that are within 30 min. of home, each has such a limited selection of organic items that and I probably still wouldn't be able to buy an organic version of everything I need. Plus, most people can't afford organic and so the fruit has been sitting there so long it's moldy. My husband worked in city planning and Whole Foods will only build stores in towns that have an average income that is double the average income in our town. I think processed foods may trigger mine, but since I get 26-30 migraine days a month, rarely feel like cooking, especially not cooking everything from scratch. When you get migraines nearly every, it's nearly impossible to identify triggers.

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